Monday, May 2, 2016

Current Shoe Lust.

Every spring/summer I get one pair of sandals that I absolutely must have. This spring/summer it will be different because I am working a full-time office job and can not wear sandals to work, but I still want to keep up my yearly tradition. I try and stick to sandals I can see myself wearing for multiple years and that keep me within my shopping budget.

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Sam Edelman is my usually my go-to for sandals every year, I just love how the sandals are always on trend without breaking the bank. I am really into the pom-pom, fringe/tassel, and lace up trend that I am starting to see everywhere. I always get my sandal of the year on my birthday, which is in a few days, and Im currently dying trying to narrow down the choices. 

Hope you find the perfect spring/summer sandal that you love! 
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